Pressure Spikes and Maximum Overpressure Protection

Pressure spikes are caused by a sudden change in flow. Starting a pump or closing a valve can be all that it takes to raise pressure several times more than normal operating conditions. These common occurrences can cause damage and loss of production time if pressure relief technology is not fast enough or installed properly.

Pressure Management in Upstream Completions

Pressure in upstream completions can be a hazard to human safety, costly well completion equipment and productivity. New technology provides a fail-safe alternative to legacy pressure management equipment, resulting in improved safety and efficiency in upstream well completions. Energy companies from across the world come to Oseco for pressure management technology, training, and processes.



In 2016, a prominent energy company contacted Oseco for assistance managing pressure in the upstream operation. Their crews were experiencing up to three activations a week.

Working with Oseco, it was discovered the ultimate root cause was a water hammer effect from opening an isolation plug valve to the safety plug with 3,000 psi behind it.

The solution was to bleed pressure to <1000 psi before opening the valve.

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